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Narrative Content Group was launched in 2009 with a single website: MOTHER NATURE NETWORK (MNN.COM), focused on a single topic: sustainability. With original content developed by a team of exceptional journalists and strong capabilities in search and social media, MNN grew rapidly to become the world’s most visited for-profit website out of the close to 4000 ranked in Alexa's environmental category. The company soon added a second sustainability website to its portfolio – TreeHugger -- the iconic site that pioneered the expansion of green news and solutions to mainstream consumers.

At the same time, a shift in the marketing landscape was taking place, with brands increasing their use of content at a rapid pace. Realizing that the same expertise that drove MNN’s growth could be utilized successfully for this purpose as well, MNN began developing content for brands – beyond its own website and across a range of different topics. In 2015, the company became Narrative Content Group to better reflect its new and expanded scope.

In 2020, MNN and TreeHugger were sold to Dotdash, an operating business of global media giant IAC, allowing Narrative to focus completely on content development and marketing services for brands. Today, with equity partners that include CNN and Discovery Communications, Narrative has worked with many of the world’s leading brands on a variety of content and marketing programs.

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The primary services provided by Narrative include website development and management, content development and distribution, and more traditional marketing activities such as branding and advertising.


The development and management of separate websites and subdomain sections of corporate sites is a key expertise of Narrative. Below are a few examples that Narrative has completed:

Content Development and Distribution

Over the past decade, Narrative has produced over 90,000 pieces of original content – across a wide range of formats. Knowing firsthand that the production of content is only half of the equation, Narrative has placed an equal emphasis on building an audience for each piece of content produced – establishing exceptional capabilities in SEO, social media, partnerships, and promotion – all aimed at maximizing exposure. Below are a few examples work that Narrative has completed:






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